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5 Creative Ways to Add Value to your Property Via Your Driveway

Written By: Joseph Wirth
Sunday, August 11, 2019

Upgrading your driveway offers an endless amount of possibilities and potential, and wersquo;re very lucky to have partnered up with a Annapolis Paving Prosnnapolis Paving Prosnbsp;to help us compile this list of ways to help give your driveway a makeover that can definitely lead to dramatic property increases and a simply fantastic external appearance


Therersquo;s no denying the beauty of brick driveways, and this type of >

Brick may be a more expensive material than most for driveways, but brick driveways are known to last for multiple decades at a time. They also dont require much maintenance at all and can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Crushed Gravel and Stone

We all know that gravel driveways donrsquo;t cost that much, and many people think these types of driveways are boring but there are plenty of ways in which you can up a gravel drivewayrsquo;s curb appeal and overall aesthetics. One of the best ways to do this is to add a little more texture and colors to the gravel and stones.

The installation process is always rather simple with this kind of driveway, and these driveways tend to be really durable no matter what weather patterns persist in your local area. But when you start to include some unique color designs and >

Most people who have this type of driveway do live in rural areas, so by adding this type of landscaping technique to your driveway you can end up having one of the coolest driveways in your neighborhood.

Staining, Etching and Stamping

This type of process is usually known to enhance concrete, and the overall look of this type of driveway can go a really long way in terms of providing a great look that is unique and beautiful.

Acid staining and etching is a great way to give concrete a really creative look, and it also is going to last a really long time. Maintenance is definitely an issue with some driveway upgrades, but not this one, and you can be rest assured that this type of creative outlet on your concrete will leave you with endless possibilities and a really unique looking driveway

Cobblestone Pavers

We all know cobblestone to be very >

When you work with professional pavers yoursquo;ll be able to get a whole bunch of different designs and patterns into your driveway, and this is can a long way in terms of building the overall property without really costing you anything extra.

Pavers and Grass

There are also some more modern, eco-friendly ways to go about updating your driveway, and we know that grass driveways may not seem like the best but they definitely are building in overall trendiness.

But having a paved driveway with some exposed grass is usually a really great look that just makes your home seem a little bit different than the mundane norms that we see constantly everywhere else. So this is a great way to increase your homersquo;s value and just allow your property to stand out

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