Why are you expanding?
It is our feeling there is a lack of professional brokerages that answer questions directly and honestly and don't leave the agent confused and frustrated. We desire a transparent and honest partnership!

What is your commission split?
95/5, that simple (check our commissions calculator http://www.turnercoloradohomes.com/commission-calculator.htm)

What are your monthly fees?
None, seriously (no franchise fees, no marketing fees, no transaction fees, no office fees), zero, zilch, nada.

Do you have a cap?
Yes! its $9,000. So no matter how much business you do, you will never pay us more than $9k! We feel an agent should not be punished for having a great year.

Do you offer leads?
Yes! We offer the option of you opting in to our lead program (Boomtown!) if you desire. Anything produced from our lead system for you is a 50/50 split, everything else is 95/5.

Do you offer a CRM?
Yes, free of charge! It is part of our Boomtown platform!

Do you offer an exit strategy for retiring agents?
Yes! We have a very generous referral based strategy. Contact us directly for more details

Do you have a brick-and-mortar office?
We have currently chosen not to because we do not see the value anymore. More importantly this is what allows us to pay you a higher split! However, we are always open to listening to the requests of our agents, and it could be an option in the near future should our agents desire it!

Do you provide free syndication of my listings to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and Realestate.com?
Yes! Free of charge.

May I have an agent team?
Yes! We absolutely encourage this, and you have the freedom to set your team up on the commission structure you desire inside of our 95/5 split.

Do you encourage your agents to build THEIR OWN brand?
Of course! We at Turner Associates only succeed if you do. As you know, clients typically do business with you, not the brokerage. We encourage you to invest in, and make prominent, your personal/team branding. We will assist you in doing so!

Do you have a transaction coordinator?
Yes, if you choose to utilize him/her it's $295 per transaction, or you can use your own.

Will I be featured on the Turner Associates website?
Yes! You will have your own bio page, with whatever information you prefer (within reason), and contacts for you through the site will be routed to your email real time!

Will you pay for my website?
No, although we encourage you to have your own website in addition to your bio page on the company site. A solid website can be done for as little as $29/month and we can direct you to those vendors.

Do you offer training?
Yes, we offer company-wide training, and you will have consistent access to three highly experienced managing broker's via phone/text/email, in addition one on one meetings if need be. You have an entire team of support, not just one mentor.

Do you offer teambuilding activities?
We certainly encourage all of our agents to get together, share ideas and help one another, but it is not mandatory.

Do you have mandatory meetings?
Occasionally we do have mandatory meetings as required by our oversight responsibilities under the CREC. (keep in mind we hate meetings as much as you do)

Are you a "cloud" brokerage?
Yes, all "Cloud" means is that we store important items on web-based software.

Do I have to use your title agent or lender?
No, absolutely not. However, we do have access to companies that do a great job for us and we would be happy to put you in touch with them.

Am I responsible for my own signs and business cards?
Yes, but we will provide your first set of business cards (and other promo items) and signs for any listings you are transferring over. We do have design/branding guidelines that must be met. We have a corporate marketing support site that allows you to order brochures, letterhead, promo items etc at your convenience.

Do you pay commissions at the closing table?
Yes, we prefer wiring so you are paid the same day without red tape and unneeded "hoop jumping"!

Is your 5% based on the actual commission paid?
Yes, the less you make, the less we make.

May I negotiate my own commissions with my client?
Yes, we are in a hyper competitive market and want you to have the freedom to charge what you are comfortable with for each individual client. (subject to managing broker approval)

How long have you been in business?
Turner Associates was founded in 2008.

Do you expect me to recruit other agents?
Absolutely not. That said, we are open to you encouraging other agents to take a strong look at us. We also encourage you to build a team under you.

Are you a franchise?
No, we are a privately owned LLC founded and based in Colorado.

Are there any systems that I have to use, like a listing platform for example?
No, we encourage you to use whatever systems you prefer to provide the most value for your clients. However, we also have systems that are tried-and-true, and we're happy to plug you into those.

Are you in any other states?
No, currently just Colorado.

How many agents do you currently have?
Check the link www.turnercoloradohomes/meet-our-team.htm

Do you have a list of vendors and partners that you prefer?
Yes we have a long list of valued relationships from lenders, to title agents, to inspectors. We would welcome an opportunity to plug you into them.

This all sounds great, how do I get started joining Turner Associates?
Simple: if you are in the Colorado Springs/Monument area, then please reach out to Travis Turner at (719) 244-3645 (call/text) or email travis@turnercoloradohomes.com.
If you are in the Denver/Douglas Co/Cherry Creek/Boulder or Northern Colorado area, then please reach out to Katie Turner at (303) 895-9002 (call/text) or email katie@turnercoloradohomes.com.


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